Old age


We will become old aged, we would live being old age (and die old). But it is not something to live with, nor is to be tolerated with, it unelectable.
The only way a young can look (in his imagery mind , of course) at his old image in the mirror – is with a great shock.
No doubt the outer layer is being damaged severely by time.
But not like animals, we human have a kind of  potential- privilege that with every year that we lose in  our appearance – something else would be germinating, growing, and reaching at old age, its full blossom; At the roots gathered knowing’s, the plants is pumping up understanding and the fruit is his wisdom.
As the external declines, the internal should mature, and reach full bloom at old age.
Once it was like that, in ancient tribes, the old were the wise. Today, unfortunately, the old are not necessarily the wise.

The one being on the path to become wise is standing against the stream of life, which is moving from birth to death, he is in the opposite direction, in other words: a rebel, he has to wrestle against the comfortable flow of his aging, and to reduce out of every experience an equal piece of knowing, which possible to save.
Without rebellion against the destining of the ugly duckling, by drawing in the opposite current. And current of extracting understanding for the sake of producing wisdom.

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