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People think that if they live in nature, surrounded by running water, fresh air, birds, plenty of greenery. And on top of that they are eliminating from usage artificial-technical-electrical apparatus. Their food must be vegan. They grow their own food as much as possible.
Any synthetic or plastic material is foreign in their home.
They are convinced that body and soul could not be separated. And being divorced from the contaminated city and moving to the pure and natural ecology – will influence all their system, from top to bottom. As they do to the body so will be done to the higher part, and one is not possible without the other.
Some of them are so dedicated to this natural, artificial free life that it becomes like a religion for them.
Here I want to present the concept of the lotus in the swap.
We believe that if we get the best conditions for the human system, the most natural, the least industrial and artificial elements – this natural harmony will do the best for our spiritual and consciousness development. The best most natural conditions will compliment and help all higher developments.
And that the city is the worst place to grow your higher department. It sounds logical and makes sense.
But the truth is that any hiegher development not only does not need harmony and ordered life, it needs more then all: resistance.
Without the resistance of the city, we don’t have anything that according to and because of – our consciousness ‘mussels’ are getting stronger and more developed.
So, as absurd as it might sound; challenging environment does not only stop one from advancing, but it strengthen him in direct relation to the resistance.
So, living in the swamp and war-zone of our society – is like weight lifting; the heavier is the weight – the stronger 0ur coping ability to cope with our personal development problems.
We don’t need things easy and soft path of upgrading to the higher.
Without the hard resistance of the floor –we cannot walk.
Give me complete natural harmonious ecology and only natural wild ingredients – and I sink inside into a low pressure, and with inner low pressure – no personal development is possible. It could be done only by very high pressure.
So, in this sense, the city presents to the truth seeker the best conditions to increase inner pressure, in oneself to be able to cope and overcome the infantile level of oneself.

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