Love and care and time of crisis


Things which are most absent and missing in this world and between people are: care, compassion, human warmth and love.

Whatever crisis or trauma a person might encounter in his life, if is he is surrounded by some people who hug him at the point of crisis, with this qualities – he can overcome, he can survive. 

And the crisis or the breakdown of a close person (whether physical, psychological, mental or whatever) is the test case for their love or commitment for care. 

The crisis should actually cause a flair-up, a greater burning of the love and the care commitment. 

When a close person is in crisis or break down or some sort of trauma, his family – because it is an extreme situation, can go to either of one of two way; ignoring him and distancing from him, or increasing the care, the love, etc. It is a turning point.  

If the crisis meet increased love – the relationship gets stronger, but if the crisis meets alienation, the relationship will be damaged severely.  

In fact, if a human is connected to his soul, and thus has humanity and human care towards any human being just because he is human. So if he encounters a difficulty – he is there fully for him. Human to human. 

So that is another option when and close soul is in some sort of crisis; humanity.

But to abandon a close soul exactly at the time when all he needs is love and care – is anti-human.

 A comment: Funnily enough, it does appear amongst animals, for example elephants:

An Elephant Parade | Kapama Blog

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