Love always does it to me


Love always does it to me.
And i know, it does it
to everyone, it is so catching.
Why is it so irrisrable?
So basic?
That no one can be without?
Everyone is always thirsty for love?
No one is complet without it.
In fact everyone is a broken toy without it.
Love is necesysaty of the soul, without which it will shrink and dwindle unto itself, like a waterles flower.
Yet, unconditioned love is the greart freeing of the soul from the prison of loneliness and of having non or very low, self view.  for in order to appreciate ourselves – we need first someone to do it for us and then with this unconditioned support we have the confidence and trust that i am more then ok, i am soecial, for i am loved
And when i am loved  it feels as though the whole universe is inlove with me.
That’ the best way to go through life and also through spirituaj journey.

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