In essence, love and dogs


Part one: on essence love

The human has two selves: an original self (essence – in Gurdjieff teaching), and adopted social self (personality – in the Gurdjieff teaching). The adopted one is adopted mainly by coping people we meet, and then internalizing it.
Which one is more powerful? Usually the adopted one, the original self remains in a child aged about 5, very small and weak. It is the only real being of a person, as small as it remains.

Masking (personality) - Wikipedia
Adopted self masks

And what is worse is that we are not in touch with our essence, true self.
Now, what about love? Well, we love, but essences love is rare, our love is mixed with impediments of the adopted, falls self

In this sense it is like mixing sugar with gasoline; the sugar is reacting with the gasoline and turns it into a semi-solid, gooey substance that totally clogs up the gas tank, the fuel lines, and so on. … As it turns out, sugar doesn’t dissolve in gasoline. Pouring sand into the gas tank would have about the same effect as pouring in sugar.

This is the love we experience while it is mixed with what we learn about love; and of course another great minefield is the ego. The binding of both: society’s influence and the ego – pollute our love badly.

These two are completely missing in dogs love, they are completely essence, only essence, just essence, no ego and no social influence (, (only the relation between the dog and his owner). 

Dogs are all essence, compared to us, they are clean from the pollution of the social dictate (they could be trained, but not brainwashed), with them the love is on pure essence level. But how can we have mutual essence love, and our own majority is in the false self? Well this is the miracle of what dogs do to us, they, through their essence love – cause in us a shift in the center of gravity; from the socially programmed self to the essence self (it is not a permanent shift, just when we are with our dog). So, the essence love we have with them is only a secondary gain, the primary gain, is that in order to love back on the same essence level – we must connect to our own essence, and this is the primary gain.


Part two: On love and dogs:

Can you imagine a dog who could not walk because he is missing his two front legs?

Or he could not see because it has his two eyes missing?
Yes, of course we can, of course we do.

But can you imagine a dog who could not love, because there is no love in him?
Not possible, we say, there is no such dog.
Dogs are not pets that has love,

They are pure-unconditional-love-of-the highest-order,

That has dogs.

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