1. When we come to understand further the issue of hatred, as was written in part 1 – we usually perceive it as a deviant emotion, that it stems, grows and takes momentum out of emotions such as; Resentment, antagonism, objection, and hostility. We mostly tend to believe that the hatred is a result of Something bad that the other person did to him. So from this angel hatred could be perceived As a counter reactions to negativity from the object of the hatting attack. Although we admit that a reaction of hatred might be somewhat exaggerated. And out of proportion, but usually this is the tendency, By which we try to explain the power of the Hatred that the hating person is redirecting to another.

2. But this approach undermines hatred which is almost  Radioactive in relation to all the other negative emotions that the offended person might send to the offender. By trying to understand the roots of the hate we are almost close to justify it. But let me make it clear now: there could not and should  not be any understanding, or justification to hatred.  It is a bit like trying to understand crime by the socioeconomic poor environment the criminal grew up in.   However this is the wrong approach to hatred, Because: Not like other negative reaction to wrong that was done to the hater –  what is so unique about hatred is that not like negative reactions that were mentioned here before – hatred does not happens because of, but despite: despite of love despite of harmony, it could be in complete dissonance to the still lake of before. The other sign which is only typical to hatted is that it does not have to gathers momentum until the hurt Feeling about the possible damage will reach a pick. In hatred, it erupts all of a sudden Almost out of nowhere, it is like a destructive explosion. One moment peace and the next an unbelievable eruption of toxic poison.  

2. What also signifies hatted is that it is total, so total that it is an obsession, but an obsession  that does not cease until it reaches the full destruction of the other. A human being  that a moment ago  could have been  the best friend or the  closest partner,  but when hatted erupts – the other becomes a dangerous enemy,  such an enemy that must be destroyed.  

3. So far about the symptoms, but what about the cause? what makes the peaceful best friend not relax Until he is destroying the life of his peaceful friend? Either financially or even physical? Well hatted is fully toxic, totally poisonous.  And my claim is that such toxicity could not arise from his own shadow, because no human being can contain such high levels of toxins, and this is from  the reason that than he would be the first to be poisoned by it . And the human system could not possibly contain  such a degree of poison, so it must find urgently a target. But still a  question remains: what makes him be so passives in the first place? Here I must refer to an influence (just like the virus of influenza) that Invaded a person and took him over, Accept the analogy of the virus there is another analogy; An Intestinal worm that even enter the body through naked feet..  that inhibits the intestines. Intestinal worms, also known as parasitic worms, are  One of the main types of intestinal parasites in humans. They’re most commonly found in subtropical and tropical regions, but some types are found in the United States. it is only one kind of parasite that that lives and Prosperous on the account of the host. There are three main classes of parasites that can cause disease in humans – there are: protozoa, helminths, and ectoparasites. Entamoeba histolytica is a protozoan. A microscope is necessary to view this parasite. And now back to hatred: in hatred the entering of the poisoning Toxins are so harmful to the host that he must release it. and here is the crucial question: On whom he choose to empty the toxins that he became possessed by?  The answer is of course: on the weakest person around, who would be less likely to resist the hateful attack! because the hating person perceives him to have the least line of resistance towards hatful attack. It is just as a as leopard would only choose the youngest and weakest animal to attack. so hatred is always directed towards the most loving and caring people to him, because their love makes them depended on the hater and thus having the least protection against him. The hater assumes that his hate would be received by the least line of resistance, so, in this case nothing  will prevent him from the hatful attack, Another typical phenomenon that goes with the hateful attack – Is that usually it is  done without a prior warning, just like the leopard, because if it will not be done all of a sudden – with no suspicion from the victim –  than the the victim of the approaching  hatred – might suspect that it might happen to him -and than he will distance himself or create a protective boundary.  
3. so to conclude the reasons for the hateful attack : the hater is possessed  by an influence: a nonphysical poisonous virus or parasite, And because he is so full of toxins he must go on a hunt to find someone close and intimate enough to him  so that he will not suspect anything, and then after the hate is being released towards the unsuspecting victim, that he is so shocked that he will become paralyzed and Could not block the massive hatred that he is suddenly exposed to.

A true story: Galia oz a daughter of the acclaimed author Amos oz  Was infected by the viruses of hate towards her own father, She hasn’t spoken to her family in the last 7 years – just   Because her family were united behind Oz.  They were with Amos and not with her.  What she said is shocking. (she accused him of abuse, Which is the furthest away from this kind person). But the force that motivated her could only be that She was infected by the disease of hate. She could have complained, she could even be angry and resentful, but this is far from what happened to her, she was infected by the viruses of hatred, And from now on she was on the crusade   to first break  apart the  supporting family, And that to damage his reputation as a great writer and him as a human being  ,   and she was so under the hateful obsession  that she even Published her merciless accusing book on him after his death. The book is called: “A thing masquerading as love”. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/24/books/galia-oz-something-disguised-as-love-amos-oz.html
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