On aggressive Forces


Forces are responsible for the process of growth of a baby.
Different forces are responsible for getting him old.
But there are more aggressive forces, when they trace a weak organ, a weak old man, or a person with a weak structure – they attack, in all kind of manners, leaving behind: a stroke, deafness, glaucoma, or cancer, and once it is not terminal, they would attack again.
It is a law of Mother Nature to aid weak and ill plants – to whither, (and thus to make room for new & healthy plants).
Attack – it always is towards the weak.
(Some people seem to go at once, in one go, like in a heart attack for example. Before they seemed to possess full health and then in one moment – they are gone. But what wasn’t visible or known is the weak state of the heart).
Some people has got gentle and fragile system, they would be attacked most of the time.
Most people with high spirit has got gentle, fragile and sensitive, maintenance system, and thus had weak psychological, physical structures. This frail system are potential victim for such attacks. Their life are full with ill health & personal crises, and often, early death. And the older this special and sensitive people grow – the more frequent and massive the attacks would be.
The aggressive forces find those weakness like bees finding flower nectar. They get attracted to it.
They will not rest until they finish, it might take time, but attack follows attack, thus it is weakening further the already weak system – until the final attack.

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