Emotional/personal Involvement as a Habit


Part 1. Personal involvement

Emotional involvement, (or personal involvement) means that there is a psychological situation in which the person becomes involved entirely with personal problems. This emotional involvement (E.I.) mainly begins when one is being hurt emotionally, and then his emotional involvement is going and swelling, until he loses the relation of proportionality to the importance of the event itself. And as it swells, so does the person loses his peace of mind.

For example: Your good friend claims that you do not consider his feelings enough. And here, the involvement begins to swell and swell for four days and it overshadows everything else. In this state, the person becomes frozen inside, disjointed.

In this, two questions could be asked:

One: “Aren’t there any ‘positive involvements?”

Well, no! There are no positive emotional involvements. That is because in the correct emotional state, the emotional system is open and flowing. An emotional involvement is always negative, because it closes the whole emotional system, and so there is no flow.

Two: “Is there such a thing as an ‘intellectual involvement’?”

Well, an emotional involvement can lead to a flat consciousness.

Also stress can lead to flat consciousness; the inner space is losing its volume. The pressure of the outer world is coming in and by letting it in, it is reducing the inner space and its back-pressure. And you end up with a flat consciousness and no inner space.

Intellectual involvement does not exist; it can only be a result of an EI that went fast from the body up towards the head.

Once an EI is in the brain the thoughts go into a loop.

 If the emotions are quiet, then the mind can work.

Part 2. Emotional involvement as a habit

When you work on consciousness and you let your awareness grow with the experiences that life brings, the damage of falling down, losing your consciousness, is a painful and a dark experience. In that, the damage of an E.I. is huge; the more space (thesis) you have gained in consciousness times, the more space (antithesis) will be taken over by the downwards spiral of the E.I.

An E.I. is so strong that it actually takes over the self,   rules one’s whole system. It is like a musician that takes over the position of the conductor, so the orchestra is no longer lead by the qualified one, but only by one player. What happens in E.I. is that the person got hurt and because of his hurt he sees everything through a veil of his emotional pain.

Getting into E.I. is a habit, and a habit is a loop. But recognized habit does not give the control of it.

With it, one of the ways to get some control of it is by doing two things; one is recognizing it at the early stage of just being hurt and not to deny that you are hurt – admitting that you are hurt is the first step in beginning to control it, the second step is concentrating on a positive mantra, this will divert the attention from being hurt and thus from it turning into E.I.

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