Don´t be the party destroyer, in a group.


We are taught not to express objection, not to be the party destroyer.
You need to swallow and to hide your objection. Society doesn´t stand people who act as party destroyer.
The one who exposes that something is wrong will be like messenger in the Peloponnese war, whose head was cut because he said that they are defeated in this war. No one likes the one who brings bad messages.
What happens if you say that something is wrong? What will be the response of the people in a group?
They will attack you: “Until you spoke the atmosphere was fine.”
Don´t be the party destroyer.
The person that feels that the conversation does not go the right way (and will express it) will take upon himself blame of why the conversation doesn´t go in a healthy way.
When being part of a group It´s a great fear that a whole group will attacks us. We need to swallow big frogs just not to be slaughtered by the majority.
It´s difficult to know one thing in the inside and to act in a different way on the outside. But that´s the only way to survive. Become an actor. Say what everyone is saying. Keep the truth inside like a diamond and keep it for the times when you are with people that dedicate their lives, for real, searching for truth.
The more you develop your consciousness – so more things will come and disturb you.
You should be dualistic in your attitude towards society. You need to live in one world inside and be true to yourself there, and act in another world outside. You need to be not-honest. You can´t have the high truth and be honest, because most people don´t live by truth, they live by interest.
Jesus made himself enemy of everyone. For he told the truth everywhere and to everyone and it got to the wrong ears.
Truth is something too dear and too precious than to throw it to swines and pigs. The fact that you have a high truth doesn´t give you the permission to spoil the life of people that didn´t ask for truth.
In a group with bad atmosphere everyone can sit there and talk and feel good. Because everyone is believing the masks of everyone.
If people didn´t ask for truth – never give it to them. But what people do when they find a high truth, they go and shout it from every hill and think that other people will come and hug them and be grateful.
If there is one thing that people will not forgive you for it´s telling them the truth about their life.
Truth usually crushes the illusions of people. People don´t live by truth but by what makes them feel comfortable.
People spend their life repressing truth which is not comfortable for them. And this is the way they survive. Because truth is so explosive you should handle it with care.
To be dualistic, to live in one world inside and to act in a different world outside – is especially difficult for women. Women are educated to be good and nice girls and to be sweet to everyone and help men, who are the important factor in this society. Society will never forgive a woman for speaking out the truth.
Surviving is in first priority, telling truths is second priority.
People who are on the path of personal development would like to believe that they live in a world in which you can have the truth and come out with it and people will come and clap to you: “Oh thank you so much for telling us the truth, we missed it so much.”
Truth is hardly good looking… usually it is ugly and not kind. Truth is only loyal to itself.
Society is in a very deteriorated state as far as truth is concerned. People are behaving the way it is expected from them. This society betrays truth. It wants comfortable life and it wants to enjoy the technology of life and it organizes life in such a way that the individual person has no importance unless he is part of a majority. The worst thing for a person is not to have a job and not to study; society doesn’t have any recognition for an individual unless he is part of the system. And the two systems which it is important to belong to, are the University and the development of a career.
If you were in a truth-seeking society you wouldn’t need to be double faced.
It is okay to be phony. You need to be phony to survive. To be truthful in a society which is against truth means that you won´t survive. You will get attacked by people.
Society at large always wants to have good life and the hell with truth. Truth is kicked out because it doesn´t allow people to sleep peacefully.
Eighty percent of what´s going on in many groups is people trying to be nice to each other no matter what they really feel. The most important thing is that everyone will say: “Oh, wasn’t that nice, eh? We had conversation, we ate something, there was no argument, we were talking about things and everyone agreed.” And they go home happy. And if you stand in opposition to the general way the conversation is going – you are going to be attacked mercilessly.
You sit there feeling absolutely horrible because you feel the atmosphere, the antagonism. But your strength would be in your ability to restrain yourself, and not to vomit out your objection.
What will people choose if you would let them choose between living a happy life without truth or an unhappy life with truth?

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