Contaminations (in relationships to one’s quest).


Part one: between me and others.

Whatever is clean is bound to get dirty.
Whatever is pure is bound to get contaminated.
Whatever is flowing is bound to get blocked.

Whoever is not painfully-aware and watchful of this law – will get his clean dealings – dirty, his pure relationship – contaminated, and his flowing communication – suddenly blocked.
For in order to have clean, pure and dynamic-flowing communication, we must observe ceaselessly that which comes to block, pollute and contaminate (judgment; accusation, objection, being hurt emotionally by the other, suspicion, stigmatization, blaming and more) – our dealings with our dear ones; human beings.

Part two: between me and me.
In the same way, people (who wish to develop spiritually and refine) – are concentrating on purity, high state and peaceful mind, as though the more they would dwell on it – the more pure high and peaceful they would become. Wrong. The more they would concrete on this high and, pure and peaceful three –  the greater would become their antagonistic powers, constructed from: becoming hurt, personal involvement, self-doubt, self-guilt and self-judgment. All this negative forces get attracted (almost magnetically) to the high, to the state of peace and purity (state in oneself), and then contamination is inevitable.
So instead of increasing the degree of high, peace and purity in us, we should focus on what elements in us – might put this high stats in the risk of collapse or contamination.
Instead of bathing in high state, we should be content in being the doorkeepers of our kingdom. 

Part three: Spotting the blockages.
Once the blockage, the impurity and the contamination – is being spotted, it could be removed, and then the flow, the purity and the dynamic-flow would return back to reside in the Castle of oneself and in the clean channel of the relationship. 

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