Being cold towards the ones who love us


Why we are so cold, heartless and even hurting, towards the ones who love us while we don’t love them?
Where does this disregard come from?
If we don’t love our dog, it will not cause him to be clod and antagonistic towards us. He will continue to love us as before.
But we don’t, we allow ourselves to be disgusting towards one sided love towards us.
The temptation to humiliate him or her (just because we don’t love the ones who love us), is so powerful, we could not resist it.
We only appreciate a person whom we love, and then we appreciate him/her according to how much he/she are hard to get, if we love them – and the more he/she are hard to get, the more we appreciate them. And not according to how much they value us.

It is our ego that gets satisfied by getting someone who is hard to get (when we love them), and it is our ego that belittles those who love us when we don’t love them.
This phenomenon is a mirror that reflects to us, that we are ruled by our lowest departments, and it dictates our shameful treatment of those who love us without us loving them back. 

When in fact, we should be so lucky (in this cold and alienating world) to have someone, anyone, to love us at all. 

Now, why is that?
There is a sentence: “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accepts me as a member” (Groucho Marx). Because we don’t have a good view of ourselves, we don’t appreciate anyone who loves us, (if he loves us, while we don’t appreciate ourselves, then his value in our eyes gets devaluated) he becomes smaller in our eyes, just because him loving us while we don’t love ourselves. But we don’t only dismiss him, we actually use his openness to us in order to hurt him.

This is a basic fault in human nature, which shows how deteriorated we are as human.

A sad picture of the human psychic.
But if we love him back, then our whole attitude is different, for now that he is useful for us, we will treat him well…

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