About special people


The destiny of special people* is to have personal problems. The more special – the greater are the problems.

There are no personal problems without being special.

This is because of the social ecology in which the special person live, and from where he receives his images back – distorted – human society. Society does not suffer any deviation from conformity, be it special or just different.

But when and how, does the distorted image become to be a personal problem? Well, to be special is to be sensitive, to be sensitive is to be vulnerable to your distorted image, , and when you are vulnerable, this vulnerability when hits,  becomes a painful a junction for the personal problem. 

The way to deal with someone with personal problems is not to advise him about how to correct his problems or how to correct what is wrong with him, but rather how to relate to what is special is his, feedback him about it, strengthen it, so that then it will be shown clearly that nothing was wrong with him in the first place, he was just too special, that’s all…

It’s the two ends of the same axis: one end is the authentic and inner side of being special and the other side of the axis is the external, added side, that of the personal problems. 


*Special people: Exceptional, of a high level, talented, of a high intelligence or spiritual potential – above average.

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