About reading novels


People read novels, about people that don’t exist, about things that never happened.
And this invented stories are considered to be some of the heights of human creative achievements.
Readers look up to the authors as much admired intellectuals, they are interviewed often about their views concerning various issues. As though their talent in writing stories gives them a high position to have a view on human life. Usually not getting any coherent statements.
But never the less, the readers and the critics try to find in the novels – statements, world views, meaning and messages about life, while the authors continue to refuse to admit to any message, they say that all they want is to tell a story. But this does not interfere with the great success of the selling of fiction whereas the selling of non-fiction is quite poor.
Reading novels is an escapist activity, when we are in it, we are not in life, it is a break for us. And so life itself remains a mystery, we know more about fiction characters that what goes on between us and other people. The unknown there is greater than the known, so we live in a great unknown as to how to live our life, this is an uncomfortable gap from which we run into escapist activity, novels is one of them.

Actually this is a dangerous activity, especially for the young, they expect life to be like in the novels that completely don’t prepare them for what is waiting for them up the road, the older just find escapism in them. 

People who are reading this would cry: but you are robing us from our rich cultural treasures that we are so proud off.

Well, let me be even sharper, reading fiction is an invented substitute that is cheating our brain to believe that it is happening to us. In a way it is a deception for the brain, for it cannot tell the difference between real experiences and invented one –it identifies the same.

In this respect, fiction movies, and fiction T.V. serials – are no different.

Our own life should be so full, overflowing and electrifying – that there would be no room in them for fiction. Reality by itself shoud be more than enough.

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