About “My Miceal” and Shlomo Giora shoham


  1. This is the opening sentence in Amos oz’a book: “My-Michael”L ‘ iI write because people I loved have already died. I write because when I was a child I had a lot of power to love and now my power to love is going to die. I don’t want to die’
  2. http://www.amos-oz.net/books/my-michael/
  3. Amos oz my-Michael it is the most valued book by me in Hebrew
    He wrote it when he was 27 and it is his most important book.
  4. Translations:
    Hebrew, English, French, Italian, Spaדnish, Catalonian, Portuguese, Romanian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finish, Polish, Hungarian, Japanese, Bulgarian, Arabic (Egypt), Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Danish, Lithuanian
  5. ,**********
    • Prof.Giora Shoham
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shlomo_Giora_Shoham
  7. The sociology of the absurd.
  8. https://www.goodreads.com/author/list/6016371.Shlomo_Giora_Shoham
    Society and the Absurd by S. Giora Shoham (goodreads.com)
    This is his early book on existentialism, when I was about 22 which changed my life.
  9. The mysterious life of reality
  10. (My first book after my transformation
    Prof. Soham wrote a forward to it in Hebrew.
    ( I sent you a translation of the book in English).
  11. He wrote also a review to my book in Hebrew: Outsiders and rebels.
    https://simania.co.il/bookdetails.ph p?item_id=85453
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