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“Great plays are really about the means to reach the hidden narrative in human life, the hidden truth about what is happening. It is a process of approaching the unwritten and the unspoken, and closer you get to it the more life there is in it”.

Arthur miller

There are lots of books, and in general – lots of talk and lots of engagement in trying to elevate the state of ones being and one’s consciousness to a higher level, in one form or another; this could also be called: the quest for enlightenment. 

But many of this efforts and resources could be at base an attempt to run away from one’s life.

What is important and forever will be, is the naked truth about one’s life. This is what great playwrights during the ages were trying to do, to try and touch this evasive reality. 

One of the more intriguing aspects of human existence is what comes to be in human relations and human communication; (when it is present and when it is being avoided). Mainly the hidden aspect of it is not being said because of external norms and the games people play; games of power, games, rolls, masks and the stories we tell ourselves about our life – all are coming to hide and cover that which is too frightening, or too inconvenient or too scary. 

We have only one life, it is shorter then what we would like to believe, and most of our life we are busy trying to escape from meeting what our life is becoming to be, or it is already what it is. When confronted with the issue of what our life is all about – immediately we turn to technical explanations that allow us an easy escape from the truth of it all. 

Life which is lived without us telling ourselves the truth of it, is a flat, one dimensional, without dynamic, depth and inner meaning.

To face one’s life – takes some courage; to say: this is who I am, this is what my life is like, this is the permanent truth of it and what’s more: this truth is not going to change (as real truth is always unchangeable).

For the searchers for spirituality it is very difficult to accept that their quest might at base be not very different from people who dedicate themselves to: work, family, love, sex, career, travel and more; both, in their way, are finding in what fills their life – a refuge from facing the reality of what their life really is. 

With it, it is important, at this point, to declare, that it is not at all being said here that the quest for a higher level of consciousness or for enlightenment is not a very important and vital journey for human beings – to dedicate themselves to, it is vital and it is the ultimate goal for the special few who are cut for it, what is being said is: that this quest or dedication should not come on the account of facing, who and what, one’s life is, for real. Only then can one accept his life for what it is, and then try to be at peace with it and then ,and only then can he commit himself for this high and very special  quest.      

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