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We don't know if God exists, but we should keep asking

Question: Is there a God? And if yes, how can I get to know him?
There are people who say they met him, they talk with him, they feel him, (Maybe through his various angels) etc. but it is impossible for anyone to know anything higher than himself, directly. So people who meet angels and hear voices are not accurate. We are out of reach for these high forces.
The only way to be in touch with God, or Godly forces, is from within. We can know God through his agents buried in us.
The main agent for God, is a transmitter-receiver called consciousness, which can receive cosmic staff and translate it via the media of knowing and wisdom. The other agent is our soul, which is a spark of God, a condensed staff of God. It can expand and fill us up – when it is allowed freedom by us.
Consciousness is the male God; soul is the female God. While the male God needs to be developed, the female God needs to be freed.
The Soul should be a river; the consciousness should be a fire.
When the river meets the fire – we are born to the kingdom of God within.
The unification of the soul and consciousness is known in the language of Kundalini (in Hinduism) as Kundalini – awakening. It is described that the force of Shakti (the soul) which is situated at the base of the spine, goes up the spine and meets Shiva (the consciousness) which situated in the head. And together they cause this awakening of higher consciousness.

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