About activating will power, in relation to consciousness pulsation.

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We live, act and… everything is ok. But is it? Well, we put a lot of force on ourselves; in order to survive, to act, to achieve, to succeed. We believe that we lack will power, and this is why: we don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, or do not wash the dishes, and do not want to give a call at holydays, do not want to prepare for examination, do not want to complete a day at work – and therefore we use force upon them.
We increase effort, and if it does not work, than with more force. And this is because we don’t really trust ourselves, we are convinced, in ourselves, that by our nature we are lazy, and without forcing ourselves – we would do nothing.
We are doubtful whether we will do anything at all without a massive pressure called: will power.
But we must remember, that on every use of power towards someone or something, that something will respond in opposing force, which is equal in its strength to that which is being used upon him.
Achievements in our life that has been gotten to by using power – are followed by an opposite force of that which was forced (for example, after an aggressive Wight lose, the opposite reaction is gaining Wight again, even more than what was before).
But the problem in this is not the opposing force, but what this massive force do, or not, to the more sensitive and fragile parts in us.
The usage of force and power which are directed to the motoric, action and movement in us, are not able to do anything at all for the emotional psychological and the higher parts in us, they don’t respond to forcefulness, they are above the level of aggressive power. In the same way that putting pressure on water won’t move them from place to place, because they are at the level above solid. The emotional parts (for example) will not respond to the operation of power on them.
So far on: what is not, but what yes? How to cause us to act and reach achievements without activating power (will power).
Well, instead of activating power – it is better to work with projection of the mind, that instead of using forcefulness, it gives directions and gaudiness.
The way the human Machin was supposed to work, is by operating on gentle, electrical, pulses.
We do not have trust that our system will respond to just giving of directions and guidelines. We believe in operating with will power.
All our intentions and efforts are, in the end, towards the subconscious,which was programed, by its very nature, to react to gentle guidelines and not to massive forcing. Our gentle and high areas in us don’t respond to aggressive power, and the even gentler, and spiritual parts – are getting crushed by this dominance.
And here we will take a short break; what is interesting in all this is the technological advancement, it is exactly here that everything goes towards operating gentle electronic pulses that activate powerful instruments, such as: the microwave, cell phones, television sets and more. Once in order to use typewriter there was the need tobhit strongly on the keys, and today (in the computer) it is enough to touch them, or in the smartphone you touch the application or the icon and cause a whole operation. Exactly there, in the present technological advancement, there is a strong movement towards operating, almost anything, by very gentle pulses. Trains worked not until long ago, by powerful steam pressure, today they work mostly by electricity. The aggressive printing machines is moving now to a digital operation. One way or another, we have here an impressive progress of the passage from using power to the use of electronic impulses. It operates quietly, no noise or using of power.
And we have here a mystery, as though what was supposed to happen in our higher levels – found its expression in technology, It is almost as though recent inventors were homed on something right about how to operate our system. But what should have been our way of operating within, was copied to the outside, to mechanical devices. It is an external operation that comes instead the way we were supposed to operate inside.
What was supposed to be a process of inner work; to sublimate the usage of power – by giving directions and gentle guidelines, using the mind and guided imagery – is becoming crushing to the more creative and spiritual parts in us.
We have doubts about our inner system, that we consider as lazy and understands only force – that they will relate, at all, to such gentle pulses. Our more advanced parts responds best to giving directions.
We were brought to believe that will power is the essential factor in success at school and University. Which means: to force ourselves.
We believe also, that if we do not have achievements, is because with do not use enough (will) power.
For example, again about losing weight, we can operate the higher system by using a neutral inspecting awareness that gives directions, and then we would not suffer from the kickback by adding on extra weight. But we are afraid that in the interval until the genteel direction will begin to work – the wild aggressive power will overtake our wat of eating.
A system, which today is supposed to treat backaches, Is treating, especially the posture of the back, this is the Alexander technique . In this system the therapist passes to the client directions of movants to all directions, and after a while the therapist succeeds in replacing the movement by effort to a soft movements that responds to the giving of directions, one of the directions that he gives is: “become long and wide”.
You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.”
F.M. Alexander
“It is not the degree of ‘willing’ or ‘trying’, but the way in which the energy is directed, that is going to make the ‘willing’ or ‘trying’ effective.”
F. M. Alexander
Practice non-doing, and everything will fall into place.”
“ You can fight gravity all you want, or move with it. But if you fight it, eventually you learn that you lose every time.”
Evan Plake
“Just as you have the impulse to do something, stop.”
Early Zen scripture (anonymous)

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