A short story


The man who loved dragons. (When games meets reality).

 Once upon a time there was a man who loved dragons.  He had pictures of dragons on every wall of his house.  He had dragon curtains, a dragon carpet, even a dragon duvet.  When he slept at night in his dragon pyjamas he’d dream of dragons.  When in the office he wore a dragon tie and had a dragon screensaver on his computer which sat neatly next to his dragon mouse mat.  In his spare time he loved to paint pictures of dragons, read stories about dragons or watch carefully selected films from his vast collection of dragon related paraphernalia.

The queen of the dragons got to hear about this man so thought she’d pay him a visit to say “Hi.”  She flew to his village, landed outside his dragon shaped house and knocked on the door.  The man opened the door and, on seeing a real dragon standing right in front of him, screamed and ran for the hills.  The queen was confused and a little upset.  When she returned to her kingdom she told her wise friend about the man.  Her wise friend explained to her that this was a man who liked playing games with dragons but not dragons themselves!

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