A protest


“All the progress made by our brain effort consists of the arbitration
of material facts by ridiculously imperfect instruments that pose a certain degree to the inefficiency of our organs. Every twenty years
some unhappy researcher, who usually dies in an attempt, discovers that the atmosphere contains a gas that until now was unknown,. Or an inexplicable and invincible force can be achieved by rubbing a piece of wax on a canvas.
Or that among the countless unknown stars, there is one that we have not noticed so far … Well, what
about that?
Are our diseases due to microorganisms? Very well. But where did these microorganisms come from?
And what about their diseases? And the suns, where did they come from?
We don’t know anything, we don’t understand anything, we can’t do anything,
. We are paralyzed, imprisoned ourselves…”
Guy de Maupassant: Notebook, 7 in Afri., l888
English translation: Gabriel Ra’am

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