A parallel between the human body and the position within the structure of society


There is an interesting parallel between the human body and the personal position of all people within the structure of society.

If we take the brain to be the first example – then in the social structure it sill be the intellectuals, in the academia, philosophers and researchers.

If we take the heart than it corresponds with emotional occupations such as preforming artists, especially musicians. Actors, politicians, preachers etc.

The exerting organs in one’s body is corresponding with the position of criminals in society (for this is their hidden function to be a kind of a sewerage to the so called normal citizens.

The mouth and taste buds are to do with chefs and those who work in food industry. 

The sexual organs are to do with models, movie stars, rock stars – (all work on sexual energy}.

The eyes are to do with occupations such as painters, photographers, architects, etc.

But the most interesting parallel is between the soul and highly sensitive persons HSP, the are functioning as the soul of the society at the time, but, but – the stat of the soul in the human complex in very unfortunate one, it is being crushed by conformist members, that are a hunt to crush the frequency of those high spark carriers. And so the soul is on the run, away from hostile voices, so she shrinks and shrinks, so she will occupy less space and thus cease to be a victim.

The HSPs were supposed to function as the soul of society.

The same with soul function within society: There hardly any occupations for the HSPs, mostly they are lost, wondering outside the norm. The non-acceptance of them by the majority make their life miserable.

In both cases, in society and in the human body, the soul and the extra soul carriers suffer a destiny which is in reverse to the original importance of the soul and the soul carries. The high (the soul) is suffering in a prison of conformity, and the low is ruling silently. 

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