A disease named perfection


Perfection is indeed a disease, you can be so ill you stop making mistakes.
Little error can spoil the whole thing for the diseased.
If it is not perfect it is garbage.
For the sick, all rise or fall on it.

Perfection only belongs to the presentation, to the editing of the content.
The content could never be perfect, it should be not perfect. Perfect presentation or editing always come on the account of the content and more so on the account of the essence of its content.
To do mistakes is to be human, and to be human is to do mistakes.
The moment we create with no mistakes it is not human creation anymore! In this disease – your soul is not participating only the intellectual, leaner, rational mind – cutting coldly in the live flesh until it reaches perfection, but then it is not alive anymore; the disease of perfection has won.
Imperfection in presentation is the only way to keep creative work – alive.

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