On the Purification process of emotional energy


One of the ways to understand emotions is by making an analogy between them and water;

The emotions can exist in one of 2 states: high or low. Emotions come originally in the low or raw state, (undeveloped, not tamed) for it to become high it needs to go through a certain process.  A process of separating the low part from the high part. This is a purification process.

In order to understand how the purification process of the emotions work;

We have to learn, or relearn, about distillation of water; Distilled water is water that has many of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves heating the water on a low heat, and then condensing the steam (high emotions) into a clean container, while the imputities remain on the bottom of the container.

So if we compare this technique to the purification of emotions – the way to allow the finer part of the emotions –go up, is by practicing an observer[i] practice, (this is by analogy is like the low heat) means looking at them without involvement, the observer allows the finer parts to go up. The lower aspect will stay down, instead of going up.

The observer effect in Quantum physics says that observing a phenomenon, changes its nature, just by the act of the observation itself.

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